Unexpected Surgery on 65th Birthday: Leslie Fhima’s Hospital Stay

Leslie Fhima

Leslie Fhima, known as the runner-up from ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor,” recently shared some unexpected news with her fans. On New Year’s Eve, she took to Instagram to reveal that she spent her 65th birthday in a hospital bed due to an unforeseen medical issue.

The ordeal began on December 27 when Leslie ended up in the emergency room, experiencing severe pain. It turned out that she had a bowel blockage, which required emergency surgery. In her Instagram post, she explained the surprising cause of the blockage:

“Actually, scar tissue from an appendectomy I had when I was 18 years old.”

Leslie’s message also carried an important piece of advice: “If you have severe stomach issues, don’t wait 12 hours to go to the hospital like I did.”

After a five-day stay in the hospital, the newly 65-year-old shared that she would be returning home to her dog on the same day she posted the update.

It’s a reminder that health issues can arise unexpectedly, and prompt medical attention is crucial.

Leslie Fhima Bio

Leslie Fhima garnered a devoted fan following during her appearance on the first season of “The Golden Bachelor,” where she made it all the way to the finals as the first runner-up. Although she didn’t win the coveted ring, her journey on the dating reality show endeared her to viewers.

Leslie first made a memorable impression on the show with her unique entrance in the debut episode. She arrived dressed as an elderly granny, complete with a curly grey wig, nightgown, and walker. However, she surprised everyone by shedding her disguise to reveal a sexy, lacy outfit underneath.

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Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Leslie brought a diverse range of talents and experiences to the show. She had a former career as a professional figure skater and currently works as a personal trainer. Additionally, Leslie is the founder and owner of PowerBark, a dog nutrition company. Her list of hobbies includes dancing and running marathons, with her Instagram bio proudly stating that she has completed 10 marathons.

Leslie is also a mother of three adult children from her previous marriage to David Fhima, a renowned professional chef. Her multifaceted background and charismatic personality made her a standout contestant on “The Golden Bachelor.


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