Pierre Soubrier Joins TLH Reckoning

Pierre Soubrier

A New Chapter Unfolds

In the wake of TLH Reckoning’s introduction as the newest USL W expansion team, seasoned athletic training and performance specialist Pierre Soubrier is set to join the team. As the high-performance advisor, Pierre is expected to bring his wealth of experience and expertise to the club ahead of its 2024 inaugural season.

Soubrier’s Rich Background

  • Experience with Top Teams: Soubrier has a rich history with renowned women’s soccer teams, including the Portland Thorns, Washington Spirit, and Colorado Rapids.
  • A Former Athlete: His background as a soccer player offers him unique insights that enhance his role as an advisor.

Role at TLH Reckoning

High-Performance Advisory

Soubrier’s main responsibility lies in enhancing the players’ development and well-being. His role is instrumental in building the Reckoning system, nurturing a culture of education, self-empowerment, and high-performance operations.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Creating a common language between staff and players.
  • Utilizing advanced platforms and technologies for player development.
  • Advising team management on system building and player development.

A Vibrant Communion

“I am super excited to be involved with the Reckoning…” Soubrier expressed his anticipation and optimism about working with TLH Reckoning to elevate the standards of soccer in the Tallahassee area.

TLH Reckoning’s Development Programs

Training and Development

TLH Reckoning is not just a team but a community hub for aspiring soccer talents. The club’s commitment to fostering skills is evident in its various programs.

Offerings Include:

  • Pre-professional W league and a USL Academy Team.
  • College/Pro Track Training and Development.
  • Reckoning Futures programs.

Community Engagement

With a series of events planned, the club aims to bond the community around the game, offering myriad opportunities for stakeholders to participate and support.

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A Vision Realized

Ashlee Fontes, the TLH Reckoning founder, initiated this club to bridge a gap in the Tallahassee soccer community. Soubrier shares this vision and is committed to establishing a strong foundation for the club and ensuring continuity in player development.

Forward Together

Both Soubrier and Fontes are geared towards addressing the lack of opportunities for local female talent. Their collaborative efforts are aimed at not just building a team but establishing a legacy in women’s soccer in Tallahassee and beyond.


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