Walmart employee Fired violated the company’s code of conduct when they recorded a child freezing in the Byram store

Walmart employee Fired violated

The retail behemoth Walmart is largely silent regarding its decision to terminate the employment of a staff member who captured a child freezing in one of its Mississippi locations on January 17.

Felicia Darling recorded the horrifying footage, which showed a mother pushing a cart inside the Byram Walmart, which is located just south of Jackson, with her son wearing very little. It was below twenty degrees outside, and the child, who was only wearing a diaper, could be seen trembling and shivering. 

The woman, who we now know to be Kambria Darby, was chastised by other shoppers, but Darby defended herself, saying she was acting appropriately. At one point in the video, she threw a pack of frozen veggies onto the child, who was already cold. When an older man became enraged with her, Darby even began to twerk and swear. 

In the video below, a female customer started dressing the child’s in-store purchases at the one-minute mark. It was then necessary to call paramedics to ensure the boy, who was later placed under the care of Child Protection Services, was okay. 

Darby’s actions initially sparked outrage, but it was later discovered that Nicole had been fired for recording the incident on camera. Walmart representatives sent SuperTalk Mississippi News a statement explaining Nicole’s termination, even though they declined to be interviewed. 

Walmart’s media relations representative, Kaylee Lemproe, wrote, “We share the concern others have for the child in the video in our store in Jackson, Mississippi.” However, she misidentified the store’s location. “We don’t talk about issues about former or present employees. All employees are expected to abide by the Walmart Code of Conduct but are also free to use their discretion and judgment when reporting suspicious activity to the authorities. 

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The retail behemoth’s website states that recording customers without permission within their establishments is forbidden, presumably even when a child is visibly neglected. What was just as surprising—if not more so—than Darling’s dismissal was the mother’s reaction to the circumstances following her release from prison. 

Darby took little time to visit Facebook and share her version of events, drawing comparisons between herself and Jesus. 

Darby said, “They treated Jesus the same way; he felt sick and didn’t want to go through it.” “Neither my village nor I will play with my three children! Once more, I can’t say everything because it’s a legal matter, but my kids aren’t abandoned, and I’m not mentally ill or a charity case! Put an end to the defamation! 

The most recent development in the case is that CPS has released the child to a designated relative after they have fully recovered. Supporters of Darling have set up a GoFundMe page for the dismissed worker in the interim, and Darby’s legal proceedings will start. Darby faces a maximum sentence of six years in prison. 


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