Stoker Interview with Chicago Reporter

Stoker Interview with Chicago Reporter

How did the name “Stoker” come to life?

The genesis of our name is as poetic as it is pragmatic. We were eager for a moniker that transcended individual identities, one that encapsulated the essence of the collective. A Kafka short story, “The Stoker,” provided the inspiration; likening our music to the unseen, yet essential force that propels a steamship forward.

A Journey into Music

Can you trace back to the moment your passion for music ignited?

The initial sparks flew in middle school. The thrill of playing in a band and the endless creative avenues that songwriting opened up, were intoxicating. College crystallized this raw passion, turning a casual dalliance into a profound love affair with music creation.

Artistic Influences

Who or what has been pivotal in shaping your musical style?

Elliot Smith casts a significant shadow. His evocative melodies and unconventional chord structures have been a beacon, guiding our creative sojourns. His indifference to commercial glitter, focusing instead on the purity of artistry, mirrors our aspirations.

Crafting “Programmed to Exist”

How did the conceptual narrative of “Programmed to Exist” evolve?

It’s a patchwork of eclectic experiences – an introspective journey reflecting on existence, intertwined with technology and nature’s dance. Radio signals and echoes serve as narrative threads, weaving through the album, crafting a sonorous tapestry of life’s predestined randomness.

Balancing Perfection and Creation

What challenges do you grapple with in your creative process?

There’s a persistent, sometimes obsessive, pull to refine every piece. It’s a double-edged sword; fuelling creativity while sometimes inhibiting the completion of works. Yet, it is often in the imperfections where the music’s soul resides.

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The Road Ahead

What does the future landscape look like for Stoker?

We’re stepping into a world where stages come alive with the resonant notes of “Programmed to Exist.” Even as we bask in the present, the whispers of future melodies hint at ensuing creative odysseys.


Anyone you’d like to acknowledge for their contribution to your journey?

A heartfelt nod to Andrew Ryan, Brian Scheiffer, and a chorus of other phenomenal talents. Their essence breathes through every note and melody, embodying the communal spirit of our musical creations.

Connecting with Stoker

How can admirers of your music connect with you?

Find us weaving melodies on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music under Stoker STL. Each connection with our audience is a note in our expansive symphony of musical storytelling.

A Message to Aspiring Artists

Any pearls of wisdom for budding artists?

Forge music from the crucible of authentic experiences. Commerce is a byproduct, not the genesis. In a melody-infused world, notes birthed from authenticity resonate the loudest, echoing in the hearts of listeners long after the last chord fades.

In this unfolding narrative, Stoker invites listeners into a world where every chord, note, and melody is an intimate dance of human expression, reverberating with the universal echoes of shared experiences.


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