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Alex Aniston

Siblings of well-known celebrities occasionally like to take advantage of their fame. They have no trouble opening up to talk about the star and enjoy being seen everywhere with their famous brother or sister. The half-sibling of former Friends star Jennifer Aniston, Alex Aniston, is one person you won’t find liking it or talking about it.

It’s not as if Alex Aniston didn’t make an effort—he did. Alex did give it a try early on because his half-sister, the incredibly famous Jennifer Aniston, was constantly in the news for various reasons and his father, John Aniston, who recently passed away at the age of 89, was fully immersed in Hollywood life. However, he discovered that Hollywood was not a way of life he wanted to

Born in 1989 in Los Angeles to John Aniston and his second wife, Sherry Rooney, Alex Aniston prefers to go by AJ or Aja Nezitic when he’s trying to put his family behind him.

He dressed up as a Hollywood child and brought his family to red-carpet events and premieres. But as he got older, he started to get tired of Hollywood and, more importantly, of all the attention his half-sister was receiving as she rose through the ranks of the A-list.

Alex retreated deeper and deeper into the background as his dissatisfaction with Hollywood increased. He last saw his half-sister in public in 2014 when he went to the Along Came Polly premiere, which starred Jennifer Aniston alongside Ben Stiller, Debra Messing, Alec Baldwin, Hank Azaria, Kevin Hart, and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Jennifer Aniston’s Brother?- Alex Aniston
Alex Anistons Wiki/Biography


Full Name (Real Name)Alexander Aniston
Height5 feet 8 inches
Date of BirthMay 02, 1989
Age34 years old
Net Worth$2 Million

Age and Birthday

  • On May 02, 1989, Alex Aniston was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.
  • As of 2024, he will be 34 years old, and his birthday is always May 2nd.
  • He was born under the sign of Taurus and identifies as Christian.
  • He is of mixed ethnicity and is a citizen of the United States.

Weight and Height

  • Alex Aniston has amazing physical features and a handsome physique.
  • He weighs about sixty kilograms and is five feet eight inches tall.
  • The other measurements of his body are 39-28-37.
  • His black hair and captivating hazel blue eyes captivate me.
  • He is heavily inked all over his body, with “Free Soul” being the most prominent tattoo on his
  • abdomen.
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The Aniston Alex Salary

  • The sources claim that Alex Aniston has a strong interest in collecting animal skulls.
  • His social media presence is dominated by images of skulls.
  • It is said that he sells animal skull heads at taxidermy events for a living.
  • He also gets a substantial share of his parents’ fortune.
  • Alex Aniston’s estimated net worth is USD 2 million (approximately).
  • Alex comes from a prosperous acting family.
  • Both his sister Jennifer and father John are successful actors.
  • His 87-year-old father is worth $10 million and has acted in several motion pictures.
  • His sister Jennifer is an A-list star in the Hollywood film industry with a net worth of $300 million. But Alex appeared to have taken a different turn.


  • From an early age, Alex Aniston had immediate access to fame.
  • Growing up in a family with a legendary American actor for a father and a supermodel sibling in Jennifer Aniston, he undoubtedly had a big name.
  • Alex fit right in with the extended family despite being the product of his father’s second marriage.
  • But Alex chose a different route in life, and instead of going into acting, he became successful selling skulls!


  • In terms of his educational background, Alex Aniston is keeping a very low profile.
  • He has not disclosed any information about that aspect of himself to the public and has kept it well hidden.
  • Because of this, we currently don’t have any information, and even our researchers are having trouble determining the specifics of his schooling.
  • But don’t worry, our staff is committed to learning the truth about Alex’s educational background, and we’ll keep you guys informed as soon as they discover anything solid!
  • Thus, return often to our site for updates regarding Alex Aniston!

Professional Accomplishments

  • Several reports on the internet state that Alex Aniston entered the movie business after his family.
  • He worked for a few years as a musician, producer, screenwriter, and actor.
  • He worked hard to become a well-known person in the industry.
  • He left the film business to pursue his interest in art because he was so passionate about it
  • He currently sells animal skull heads at events featuring taxidermy.
  • According to Alex’s friends, he is also very artistic; he creates his clothing and motorcycles by assembling parts from bicycles.
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Dating and Relationships

Alex is a bright and talented man. He did his best to conceal his relationships from the public, but everyone knew about them. It has been reported that he was romantically involved with the gorgeous Adriane Hallek.

The couple dated for a long time before calling it quits for an undisclosed cause. From their relationship, they have two children: Ryan, a son, and Kira, a daughter. Furthermore, Alex is currently in a romantic relationship with Kiri Peita, a stunning Australian veterinarian technician.

Alex Aniston Family
Alex Aniston

Family: Parents, Wife, Children, and Siblings

Alex Aniston possesses an amazing family. Both his father, John Aniston, and mother, Sherry Rooney, are actors from the United States.

The Awakening of Spring, Days of Our Lives, I Spy, That Girl, Search for Tomorrow, and many more movies and TV series featured his father. His father, John, was married twice. Nancy Dow was his first wife, and Sherry was his second.

On November 11, 2022, John reportedly passed away from unspecified causes. Regarding his siblings, Alex is descended from Nancy’s first marriage and has a half-sister named Jennifer Aniston and a half-brother named John T. Melick.


Even though Alex Aniston comes from a well-known and wealthy family, she is a walking controversy. Regretfully, he has recently made headlines for less than appetizing reasons. Alex, the eccentric Aniston family member, sells skulls from auto accidents to taxidermists for a living.

At the start of his story, he had two adorable children, a gorgeous girlfriend, and a promising acting career in Hollywood. Then, shockingly, he severed his relationship with his girlfriend and children and began peddling animal skulls, abandoning them with no means of support.

Interesting Facts

  • Because he does not want to be connected to his sister’s fame, Alex Aniston does not often speak with her.
  • Alex Aniston travels a lot and describes himself as a free soul, which he has tattooed on his abdomen.
  • Since Alex Aniston isn’t raising his children, his sister Jennifer has made plans to adopt both of them.
  • As an artist, Alex Aniston creates a wide range of items using animal skulls.
  • With multiple body tattoos and pierced ears, Alex Aniston exudes a unique personality.


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