Harmonizing with the Windy City: A Chicago Reporter’s Exclusive Interview with Post Malone

Post Malone

Chicago Reporter: Post, welcome to the heart of the Midwest. You’ve performed all over the world, but we’d love to know — does Chicago hold a special place in your heart?

Post Malone: Every time I hit Chicago, there’s an energy that’s just different. The love here is massive, and the city’s musical roots definitely speak to me. It’s got a special vibe that’s hard to describe but amazing to experience.

Chicago Reporter: We’ve seen your music evolve from the breakout hit “White Iverson” to your latest work. How do you think the diverse music culture of Chicago has played a role in that evolution?

Post Malone: Chicago is a melting pot of music, from blues to drill. You can’t help but be inspired by the blend of sounds and stories here. I think my music has that same mix — a bit of everything, which is why it probably resonates with the people here.

Chicago Reporter: Your authenticity shines in your interactions with your fans. Is there a Chicago fan moment that stands out to you?

Post Malone: For sure. Last time I was here, this fan showed up with a custom Cubs jersey with my name on it. It was during the playoffs too, so the timing was perfect. It’s things like that — those personal touches, that make every visit here memorable.

Chicago Reporter: You’re known for blending genres. Is there any Chicago artist or genre that you’re looking to collaborate with or draw inspiration from?

Post Malone: Chicago has always been a hotspot for incredible talent. I’ve got huge respect for the hip-hop legends and the current scene here. And blues — I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into that. A collaboration with a Chicago blues legend would be something else.

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Chicago Reporter: In the midst of this fast-paced industry, you’ve managed to keep your feet on the ground. How does Chicago influence that groundedness when you’re here?

Post Malone: It’s the realness of Chicago — the city and the people keep it 100. It’s that grind, the hustle, and the history here. It reminds you to work hard, stay humble, and be thankful for the moment.

Chicago Reporter: Your music has taken a turn towards more introspective and emotional themes. What’s been the catalyst for that shift?

Post Malone: It’s all about growth, man. The more I see and experience, the more I have to talk about. The deeper you go into life’s experiences, the deeper the music gets. And I think people connect with that honesty, whether it’s joy, pain, or hope.

Chicago Reporter: What’s next for Post Malone, especially for those here in Chicago looking forward to your next move?

Post Malone: I’m always cooking up new stuff. And I’m pumped to bring my next tour to Chicago — it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Plus, there might be some new collabs on the horizon with some of your hometown heroes.

Chicago Reporter: We’ll be on the lookout for that, and we can’t wait to welcome you back. Thanks for your time.

Post Malone: Thanks for having me, and big love to Chicago. I’ll be seeing you.


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