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Jody Glidden

The estimated net worth of Jody Glidden, the CEO and co-founder of SaaS company Introhive, is $10 million. Jody Glidden’s prosperous career in technology stems from his successful ventures into entrepreneurship. He was a co-founder of Introhive in 2012, a company that helps companies manage their CRM data more efficiently. Since then, Introhive has seen incredible growth and has been recognized for four years in a row as one of Deloitte’s 50 fastest-growing companies.

In addition to his career accomplishments, Jody Glidden is well-known for his partnership with Lisa Hochstein, a reality TV personality. But he cherishes his privacy and would rather keep his private affairs hidden. Glidden stresses the value of family in his life and is a loving father to his teenage daughter.


NameJoddy Glidden
ProfessionTech Entrepreneur
Net worth$10 Million

A Prosperous Journey in the Technology Sector

Jody Glidden, a Canadian born, had a keen interest in computers from a young age. His parents gave him a book on creating video games when he was nine years old. He consequently produced an effective project for elementary school science fairs. Glidden received his degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2006. Later, in 2011, he graduated from Harvard University with a master’s degree in management information.

Glidden began his work at a community college teaching software. He created educational software at the time. After purchased the program, Glidden began serving as a leader in product and engineering in 1996. Later, was acquired by CBT Systems. He started icGlobal in the early 2000s, and SmartForce eventually purchased the company. Consequently, he was promoted to director at SmartForce. In 2005, Glidden became a part of Chalk Media as CTO and COO. He guided the business toward Blackberry’s acquisition.

Glidden established Introhive in 2012, a business that offers businesses data management solutions. Introhive is a highly prosperous technology company that has garnered numerous accolades. It has emerged as a leader in data management and B2B relationship intelligence. Deloitte has also acknowledged the company and given it awards. It is a business that invented cutting-edge methods for managing CRM data.

Jody Glidden

Jody Glidden’s Life Story

Entrepreneur Jody Glidden has a remarkable life story that has brought him significant financial success. In the tech world, Glidden has established himself as the CEO and co-founder of SaaS startup Introhive. Glidden, who was born and raised in the US, showed an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age by constantly searching for new and creative opportunities.

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Glidden had a strong interest in technology from the beginning of his career. He understood the power and potential of data and how it could completely transform the business landscape. Glidden established Introhive in 2012 with the goal of assisting businesses in efficiently managing their CRM data. His commitment and diligence paid off, as Introhive became well-known in the sector very rapidly.

Introhive has grown remarkably under Glidden’s direction, ranking among Deloitte’s 50 fastest-growing companies for four years in a row. This accomplishment demonstrates Glidden’s ability to successfully navigate the cutthroat tech industry and grow his business. His entrepreneurial path serves as an example for aspirant company executives worldwide.

Jody Glidden’s lineage

A loving and devoted father, Jody Glidden is blessed with a teenage daughter who fills his life with love and happiness. As the CEO and co-founder of Introhive, Glidden has a demanding schedule, but he makes time for his family a priority. He gives his loved ones the credit for his success and happiness and emphasizes the value of having a solid support network.

Glidden finds inspiration from his daughter, whose name has not been made public, all the time. As a father, he is dedicated to giving her the best chances and direction possible so that she develops into a self-assured and strong person.

Glidden’s private life is a reflection of his great regard for his family’s right to privacy. He is a firm believer in keeping private family matters and concentrates on providing his daughter with a loving and caring environment.

Glidden was only six years old when he left Canada, so he didn’t spend much time there. He didn’t come from a wealthy family, so his early years were spent leading a fairly ordinary life.


Glidden received his early schooling at home. He had no desire to attend school. His father insisted that he continue his studies. He began his career in information technology. He enrolled in the University of New Brunswick course, where he thoroughly studied the fundamentals of computers.

He put off going to school and continued to work in the IT industry. He returned to his studies later in 2003, and he finished them in 2005. He graduated from Harward University with a master’s degree in information technology.


Jody Glidden began his professional life as a technology college software instructor. After two years of service, he thought it would be fantastic if he could use his programming skills to help his students with their problems. He began developing apps and eventually created a top-notch SAAS solution for companies.

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After that, he was employed by the online learning platform as a leader in product and engineering. He was only employed by for eleven months. IcGlobal was his next project, and he began working on it after leaving scholars. In its first year of business, the web development agency generated $2 million in revenue. He was a senior director at Smartforce as well. In 2001, icGlobal was acquired by an e-learning company.

Glidden’s career has been centered around perseverance. He never stops spotting better chances, and in 2005 he landed his first big-time job. He was appointed as Chalk Media’s chief technology officer and chief operating officer. In 2009, Research in Motion purchased this provider of mobile content.

2011 saw Glidden working for several businesses and making a very good living. After that, he established Introhive, and Glidden became a partner after his former Chalk Media coworker invested in the business. One of the tech industry’s fastest-growing companies is Introhive. It is highlighted on numerous well-known websites, and the business won the 2020 CRM Innovation Award.


Renowned and accomplished tech entrepreneur Jody Glidden has co-founded and developed multiple SaaS companies and apps. Prominent websites such as, Market Realistic, and legit net worth have highlighted him. He is frequently asked to be the featured guest at various Miami tech events.

Individual Life and Partnership

Jody is an American citizen by birth. Star of The Real Housewives of Miami Lisa Hochstein is the woman he is dating. In February 2023, the couple made their relationship official when Lisa shared a photo of herself with Glidden, his boyfriend.

Glidden was blessed with a daughter in 2009. The name of her child is unknown because Jody maintains the privacy of her family’s belongings.

Weight, Height, and Age

Jody Glidden is 49 years old as of 2024; he was born in September 1973. He weighs 72 kg and stands 5’10” tall.


Jody Glidden has a $10 million fortune. His co-founding of Introhive, a profitable business with rapid growth and significant revenue, made him wealthy.

Unknown Jody Glidden Facts

  • After two years of study, he left computer science to pursue startups. However, he went on to the University of New Brunswick to finish his degree.
  • In 1998, CBT Systems purchased, an online education startup he co-founded.
  • In 2012, he and his colleague Stewart Walchl co-founded Introhive.
  • Since February 2023, he has been dating Lisa Hochstein.


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