Who is Romain Dauriac? Husband of Famous Actress Scarlet Johnson

Romain Dauriac

French-born American writer and TV news correspondent Romain Dauriac was born on July 3, 1982. Find Romain Dauriac’s age, life partner, stature, weight, net worth, calling, family, pictures, memoir, and more. Discover all of Romain Dauriac’s major triumphs and achievements.


NameRomain Dauriac
Birth Date3 July 1982
Birth PlaceFrance
Marital StatusDivorced
ProfessionJournalist, Editor
Height1.83 m
Weight77 kg
Net Worth$2 million


He was the editor of “Clark Magazine” and a previous writer. He is of French nationality. He got to be well-known as a result of distributed reports and pictures of him with Scarlett Johansson. Besides, the media craze came to exceptional status when word spread of their engagement and, hence, marriage. A parcel of consideration was paid to Romain Dauriac, who keeps to himself. The character of the Frenchman who hitched the well-known Hollywood on-screen character cleared out numerous individuals confused.

Their girl Rose’s birth served as more fuel. But after two long years of marriage, rumors began to circulate that the couple was troubled. This eventually led to a separate and a disagreeable care debate for their child. Ever since, Romain Dauriac has remained a cherishing father to his girl and has remained companions with Scarlett Johansson. Romain Dauriac, who runs an imaginative publicizing office, is still nonexistent on social media.

Personal & Family Life

Jean-Francis Dauriac is his father. The character of his mother and other family subtle elements are obscure. His tutoring is additionally beneath wraps. He was seen walking around Modern York in Walk 2018 with his unused partner.

Romain Dauriac: Single or Not? Partnership

He married with scarlet in 2013. One month after their girl Rose was born, in October 2014, the couple traded promises in a little ceremony.

But before long, rumors of the couple’s discontent with their marriage started to circulate. Johansson inquired for guardianship of their children and a separate from her spouse after two long years of marriage. Scarlett purportedly expressed that their marriage was “hopelessly destroyed” as a result of their progressing division, which is why they were separating, agreeing to sources.

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Another conceivable clarification put forward by fans was Scarlett’s detest of monogamous organizations, which the performing artist has freely communicated. The couple announced their division on September 12, 2017.

Who would raise their girl was the source of the couple’s contention. They have concurred to care for the child and have briefly set aside their contrasts. Picture takers caught him walking around Unused York City with his modern sweetheart in Walk 2018.

A Career in Professionals?

Romain Dauriac altered the urban culture segment of Clark’s Magazine. He cleared out the magazine and presently claims a fruitful publicizing organization in Unused York. Earlier to the open learning of him and Johansson, he was driving an ordinary life. When word spilled out that the couple had hitched and their girl had been born—both of which were profoundly unexpected—their reputation shot through the roof.

Dauriac, be that as it may, would not talk about their relationship with the media. Due to their extraordinary protection, Johansson and Dauriac chose to keep their relationship a mystery from the press. Johansson abstained from talking about her separation, and Dauriac took after suit by remaining silent.

Although Dauriac’s early years were dark, he found it challenging to keep critical viewpoints of his foundation covered up when he began dating Hollywood performing artist Scarlett Johansson. They met in Parisin November 2012 after a common companion presented them.

Nevertheless, the couple chose not to freely declare their union. Picture takers caught them on supper dates, dates, and the ruddy carpet, exhibiting their chemistry to the world.

Dauriac got to be well-known after their separation when Johansson brought up their despondent marriage in passing without beginning to begin with reaching him. In any case, both guardians have overseen to keep their girl out of this mess in show disdain toward everything.

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Prior to Fame

He directed the French distribution Clark as its editor. November 2012 saw him start dating Johansson, whom he had met through a shared companion. They declared their engagement in 2013.

Romain Dauriac’s early years are generally obscure. It’s since he doesn’t post anything on social media and doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account. He did not, be that as it may, oversee to keep a few viewpoints of his life private after rumors began circulating in 2013 that he was seeing Scarlett Johansson, a Hollywood megastar. They met in November 2012 in Paris much obliged to a shared companion, the tattoo craftsman Fuzi UVTPK. The media opened Dauriac’s foundation as a writer and his past position as editor of Clark Magazine, an urban culture publication.

Despite this, Romain Dauriac endured in his approach of not doing interviews and at times talked about their relationship. When the paparazzi started to take after the couple, it was self-evident that there was chemistry. They were imagined on the ruddy carpet, amid suppers, and on dates. In reaction to an address, Scarlett Johansson said that their contrasts were what drew them together.

What is Romain Dauriac’s net worth? Pay and Profits

Romain Dauriac’s evaluated net worth as of July 2024 was $2 million. His sources of pay are his inventive publicizing firm and his previous magazine work. He has a flat and a car, and he is wealthy.

Apart from his news coverage career, he has contributed to distributions such as craftsmanship diaries, daily papers, and distributing houses; this was particularly genuine after he cleared out his position at Clark’s Magazine. Most individuals likely know Romain Dauriac best as the ex-husband of Scarlett Johansson.


  • Romain Dauriac works as a tv news grappler and author from the United States.
  • When Romain and Scarlett started dating, he was thirty.
  • When Romain and Scarlett got locked in, he was thirty-one.
  • When Scarlett gave birth to Rose and when Romain married her, he was 32 a long time old.
  • When Romain and Scarlett broke up and went through a partition, he was 35, a long time old.


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