Celebrating Schavaria Reeves: The Unsung Hero of New Amsterdam’s Soundscape

Schavaria Reeves

Who Was Schavaria Reeves?

Schavaria Reeves, a renowned sound mixer, made a significant impact in the world of television and film sound production. His career, beginning in the early 1990s, was marked by a series of notable contributions that showcased his exceptional skill and passion for sound mixing. From working on music videos to becoming a key figure in popular TV shows and blockbuster films, Reeves’ journey was one of dedication, skill, and creative excellence.

Full NameSchavaria Reeves
ProfessionSound Mixer
Notable Works – TV Shows– New Amsterdam<br>- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit<br>- Inventing Anna<br>- Quantico<br>- Shades of Blue
Notable Works – Films– The Darjeeling Limited<br>- Transformers: Dark of the Moon<br>- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles<br>- John Wick: Chapter 2<br>- John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
Career Start1993
Key SkillsSound Mixing, Boom Operating
Personal BattleFought prostate cancer for eight years
Date of DeathSeptember 24, 2022
LegacyRenowned for his contributions to sound mixing in both television and cinema; remembered for his resilience and dedication to his craft despite his health challenges.

How Did Schavaria Reeves Begin His Career in Sound Mixing?

Reeves’ career in sound mixing began with his work on music videos, offering him foundational experience in the industry. He then transitioned to television, working as a boom operator on sets like ‘Chappelle’s Show’ and ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’. This experience laid the groundwork for his future success and honed his skills in sound production.

What Were the Notable Works of Schavaria Reeves in Television?

Reeves’ television career was marked by his work on ‘New Amsterdam,’ where he was part of the crew for twenty episodes. His other significant contributions include ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,’ ‘Inventing Anna,’ ‘Quantico,’ ‘Shades of Blue,’ and more. His role in these productions went beyond mere technical skill; he brought a unique auditory experience to each show, enhancing the storytelling and emotional impact.

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What Contributions Did Schavaria Reeves Make to Blockbuster Movies?

In the film industry, Reeves’ contributions were equally remarkable. His work on movies like ‘The Darjeeling Limited,’ ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon,’ ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ and the ‘John Wick series showcased his versatility and expertise in sound mixing. His ability to adapt and bring out the best in different genres of film made him a sought-after professional in the industry.

How Did Schavaria Reeves’ Battle with Prostate Cancer Impact His Life and Career?

Reeves’ battle with prostate cancer was a testament to his resilience and dedication. Despite his diagnosis in 2014, he continued to work and contribute to his field, showcasing incredible strength and commitment. His journey through this challenging period was inspiring, as he balanced his health struggles with his professional responsibilities.

What Legacy Did Schavaria Reeves Leave Behind in the Sound Mixing Industry?

Reeves left an indelible mark on the sound-mixing industry. Remembered by colleagues and peers for both his professional skills and his personal qualities, he was revered as a talented and passionate sound mixer. His legacy extends beyond his technical contributions; he is remembered for his positive impact on those he worked with and his contribution to elevating the standards of sound mixing in the industry.

How Was Schavaria Reeves Honored in ‘New Amsterdam’ and Beyond?

In a touching tribute, ‘New Amsterdam’ honored Reeves with a title card in one of its episodes, recognizing his vital contributions to the series. Beyond this, the broader industry acknowledged his work and mourned his loss, showcasing the deep respect he garnered throughout his career.

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What Can Aspiring Sound Mixers Learn from Schavaria Reeves’ Career?

Aspiring sound mixers can draw inspiration from Reeves’ career trajectory, his work ethic, and his approach to challenges. His dedication to his craft, his ability to adapt to different projects, and his resilience in the face of personal challenges are lessons that extend beyond the realm of sound mixing, offering valuable insights for professionals in any field.


In summary, Schavaria Reeves’ career in sound mixing was marked by excellence, innovation, and resilience. His contributions to television and film have left a lasting impact on the industry and continue to inspire future generations of sound mixers and audio professionals.


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