Eyes on Romania: the artist Claudiu Dumitrache is making waves in Europe and the United States

Claudiu Dumitrache

International celebrities turn their attention to Romania, where the young artist Claudiu Dumitrache (only 25 years old) carries out a remarkable activity in the service of promoting universal culture. HollywoodCelebGossips.com wrote that he is the most representative young cultural figure in Romania, having received numerous awards for his extraordinary activities since childhood.

Claudiu Dumitrache has record achievements in the artistic field, including 8 published books, over 2,000 musical performances, and numerous awards won for his musical and literary activities. Jonathan Jackson, Eb Davis, Michael James Down, Miley Cyrus, Michaela Rose, and Kaven Girouard (Celine Dion’s guitarist) are just a few names that have appreciated his work over time. The European Federation for the Education of Adults and Young People Euro Education Federation named him The most prolific young Romanian writer, and the Union of Professional Journalists from Romania awarded him the Excellence Award, making him the youngest laureate in Romanian press history.

He also set the national record for the Youngest Autobiography Author, as approved by the Romanian Book of Records Association, and over time received other outstanding titles from public authorities or cultural organizations, such as Ambassador of Culture, Notorious Personality of Culture and Public Life in the Republic of Moldova, International Ambassador of Peace, and Honorary Citizen in his native Romanian town.

Claudiu Dumitrache - the message of Mihai Eminescu in the current century
Claudiu Dumitrache – the message of Mihai Eminescu in the current century

Claudiu Dumitrache – the message of Mihai Eminescu in the current century

The author Christian Schenk published an article in a Romanian magazine from Sydney in which he believes that Claudiu Dumitrache’s poetry is Mihai Eminescu’s message in the configuration of today’s young lyricist. Other Romanian authors have said that Dumitrache is a poet of the cosmos, promoting the same national and universal values as Eminescu. Eminescu is the most important Romanian writer, declared the national poet and genius of Romania and the Republic of Moldova, known throughout the world for his work. 

Eminescu is also in the attention of researchers around the world for the idea that he could have discovered the theory of relativity before Albert Einstein. Recently, Claudiu Dumitrache dedicated a hymn of praise (akathist) to Eminescu, a poem that is usually written for saints in the Eastern Church, as a prayer.

Dumitrache also wrote a research book on the religiosity of Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein şi dorul firesc de Ortodoxie – Albert Einstein and the natural longing for Orthodoxy, 2023), which was one of the ten best-selling books from the Agaton publishing house in January and February 2024, as well as one of the top premium books presented by the Romanian Society of Broadcasting, notes HollywoodCelebGossips.com. Claudiu is present in various dictionaries, monographs and encyclopedias, researchers being of the opinion that his works will remain part of the Romanian cultural treasury.

A commanding stage presence and a unique personality in the Romanian landscape

In 2022, Claudiu Dumitrache appeared with Jonathan Jackson in Bucharest, where Jonathan received the first literary prize of his career. Soapsindepth.com, shake-speares-bible.com, and The Shakespeare Authorship Coalition wrote about this prize, which was offered by Claudiu’s literary magazine (Regal Literar). Jonathan Jackson (American actor, singer, and writer based in Ireland), holder of 5 Emmy awards and brother of Candice Jackson (former secretary of the US Department of Education in the Trump administration), wrote that the personal nature of Claudiu’s poems allows them to rise to the universal in their honesty and longing. Art is a meta-language, as the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky has said. Claudiu Dumitrache’s poetry enters into this “meta-language” and invites the heart to contemplate life on the most essential levels. Poetry is the land of paradox and experience – this is the archetypal landscape of the Eternal Word.

Claudiu Dumitrache’s biographical book (2019): Claudiu is a young singer whom I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and enjoying his work.

Also, Eb Davis, one of the most representative blues singers in the world, wrote in Claudiu Dumitrache’s biographical book (2019): Claudiu is a young singer that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and enjoying his work. Very smooth emotional vocal range and a commanding stage presence. 

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Claudiu Dumitrache was nominated for a music award in Las Vegas in the past years, and on this occasion, the actor Michael Airington said that one of the things that impresses him about Claudiu is his drive and determination. Not only he is an incredibly talented singer and performer, but his drive and perseverance are what it takes to be successful in life. I can say, Claudiu is the real deal. (HollywoodCelebGossips.com)

Claudiu Dumitrache organizes important cultural events and festivals and owns a group of news and culture publications. Claudiu is also a member of CPFCFC, the Academic Society for the Research of Religions and Ideologies, and an artistic hamartiologist researcher, invited to hold conferences on the origins and meanings of art for students from Bucharest and the Muntenia region. 

He attended journalism and personal development courses accredited by the London School of Business and Communication in Romania and he started writing about Orthodoxy in 2021, when authors like Seraphim Rose and Sophrony of Essex inspired and conquered him. In an interview for the daily Wall Street.ro, Claudiu said that all he would change in Romania are the people who are not worthy of their positions. With this, all problems would be solved.

Indeed, we are dealing with a prodigious artist who deserves to be read and listened to by the public, especially as he is an intellectual and moral example for the younger generations. Claudiu Dumitrache seems to rise like hope in a country that still faces corruption and where European values are difficult to integrate. The Romanian historian Ioan-Aurel Pop, academician and president of the Romanian Academy, and director in the past years of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, declared that Claudiu Dumitrache is a symbol for the future of intellectual creation that will take Romanian literature and the arts further. 

Pop, a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, also said that Dumitrache is an intellectual who can coagulate souls and a bearer and creator of culture as rarely found today in Wallachia. Composer Michael James Down from Belfast told the Romanian press that he always knew that Claudiu Dumitrache had a fantastic voice and the right charisma to be an international artist. Down discovered that Claudiu’s way of working is unlike anyone else’s and that he is the type of person who makes things happen!

Several Romanian publications in the country and in the United States have written about Claudiu Dumitrache’s connections with various American celebrities and businessmen, including Isaac C. Cates (from the voting committee of the Grammy Awards), businessman Michael Koch (developer of artificial intelligence and Forbes board member), Cheryl Shuman (called the “Queen of Cannabis of Beverly Hills” in publications such as The New York Times Magazine) and Andrei Zincă (president of Double 4 Studios, film company in Miami and Los Angeles) who wrote that Dumitrache is a unique personality in the Romanian landscape. 

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HollywoodCelebGossips.com also noted that Keven Giroud (Celine Dion’s guitarist) appreciates the Romanian’s work and voice and said that Dumitrache did a great version in Romanian for the song Sign of the Times by Harry Styles (Semnele Timpului).

The Bucharest Times

This spring, Claudiu will launch in Romania the publication The Bucharest Times, inspired by The New York Times model, which he said in the press releases that it will be a publication where values and good news always have their place, regardless of market currents. Ioan-Aurel Pop welcomed the project and wrote that The Bucharest Times – Timpurile Bucureștilor has every chance of conquering an important segment of the population and that Claudiu Dumitrache’s Myosotis group is a brand of seriousness.

Organizer and presenter of the most prestigious awards ceremony in Romania

Alex Stanciu, Claudiu Dumitrache and Tristan Tate

Among the countless activities and events organized to promote art and culture, Claudiu Dumitrache is the presenter and organizer of the most prestigious Romanian awards ceremony. The Radar de Media Awards Gala has been held in Romania since 2010 when Dorin Huntai founded the project, and since 2022 Claudiu Dumitrache has formed the Quality, Performance and Excellence Attestation Commission, of which he is the president, which has the purpose of voting annually the most important media projects and the most representative personalities from the Romanian space. 

Here Claudiu conferred several awards for personalities from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, such as the world-famous composer Eugen Doga, soprano Felicia Filip, actress Maia Morgenstern, doctors Vlad Ciurea and Constantin Dulcan, fashion designer Cătălin Botezatu, singers Mattyas, Smiley, Andra and Loredana Groza, but also for Romanian Television, National Geographic channel and OceanFish Company.

At the November 2023 edition, Claudiu Dumitrache presented the Myosotis prize for health to Alex Stanciu (performance athlete, nutritionist, and coach of the Tate brothers). Claudiu appeared on the red carpet with Stanciu and Tristan Tate (Andrew Tate’s brother), wearing a suit from Viggo by Cătălin Botezatu. Claudiu presents the event, from 2022 until now, together with TV presenter Simona Ţăranu.

Simona Ţăranu & Claudiu Dumitrache

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