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Lee Asher

In a world where social media stars and TV personalities routinely steal the show, there are people like Lee Asher who have committed their lives to a cause that transcends fame and respect. American dog advocate, TV personality, and social media star Lee Asher. He’s most well-known, though, for his tireless efforts on behalf of needy dogs.

Apart from his professional life, Lee’s friends and admirers are also curious about his personal life. This in-depth biography of Lee Asher will discuss his upbringing, schooling, relationships, appearance, career, and the remarkable impact he has had on the animal welfare community.


Full NameLee Asher
Date of Birth25 August 1988
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourHazel
Net Worth3 million US dollars


A well-known figure in the dog rescue community is Lee Asher. August 25, 1988, was his birthdate in Fort Lauderdale, USA. He was raised by his sister Alexis and was introduced to Louise and Mark Horowitz. Lee’s friend Luke Burton was the first to pique his interest in animal rights.

Together, the two of them began acquiring dogs. They established a non-profit dog shelter in Estacada, Oregon, because they were animal lovers. Promoting animal rescue and care is the organization’s main objective.

Lee Asher
Lee Asher

Lee Asher’s Age

The age of Lee Asher is 47. Lee Asher’s devoted and sincere love for these animals is demonstrated by his commitment to their welfare. Through his deeds, he not only pulls these dogs out of dire situations but also goes above and beyond to provide them with a loving and secure environment.

His financial support and investment in the bus demonstrate his dedication to giving these rescued animals a loving and comfortable home. It’s clear that Lee Asher does more than just try to save lives.

By accepting accountability for every animal’s welfare, he inspires others and draws attention to the significant positive effects he has on both the lives of the dogs he rescues and the larger community.

What is Lee Asher Nationality?

Lee Asher born in America and his nationality is American

Lee Asher: Is he Married?

Incorrect—Lee Asher is not wed. It seems that Lee Asher, the well-known corporate trainer and dog rescuer who owns The Asher House in 2024, is single and not in a romantic relationship at the moment.

Right now, it appears that his commitment to and concentration on his work are his top priorities. Lee has always kept his romantic relationships very private and out of the spotlight. His refusal to discuss or keep quiet about his personal relationships when questioned about them in interviews has only piqued the interest of his admirers.

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While the news of Lee Asher’s single status may come as a letdown, it’s crucial to remember that, in spite of his hectic schedule, he is actively living his life.

Lee is a handsome corporate trainer who is also a passionate dog rescuer. He probably finds satisfaction in his work and stays away from romantic distractions. He doesn’t currently have much room for a romantic partner because of his commitment to his mission of saving and supporting dogs in need, which keeps him focused and enthusiastic about his work.

Is Lee Asher a Gay Person?

Lee Asher has clarified that he is not gay in response to inquiries on his Instagram page. He revealed that he is drawn to women in response to questions from his fans. Lee has essentially put an end to any more rumors or conversations about the subject with this statement.

It’s critical to honor and accept Lee Asher’s own statements without reservation. He has cleared up any confusion regarding his sexual orientation and dispelled any presumptions by publicly expressing his preference for women. Since it pertains to a private aspect of his life, his statement should be accepted without further explanation or analysis.

People should be respected for who they self-identify as, and they have the right to define and express their own sexual orientation. By disclosing this information to his followers, Lee Asher has made it possible for them to learn more about his personal life. It is best to respect and accept his self-disclosure going forward and refrain from speculating or talking about it further.

Qualifications for Lee Asher’s Early Life and Education

Lee Asher grew up with a deep affection for animals and a genuine wish to make their lives better. After graduating from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, he attended the University of Nevada for his college education.

Though little is known about Lee’s educational background, it is evident that he has always had a passion for helping and taking care of dogs.

Lee Asher
Lee Asher

Lee Asher’s Physical Appearance 

Lee Asher’s dedication to animal care is matched by his strong physical presence. His height is 190 centimeters (6 feet 3 inches), and his weight is 87 kilograms (191 pounds).

He exudes confidence and charm in abundance. His green eyes and striking brown hair only add to his attractiveness. Lee has tattoos that are very meaningful to him and demonstrate how much he loves dogs and is concerned about their health in addition to his stunning face.

Professional Career of Lee Asher

Asher’s career trajectory demonstrates how he went from being a gym trainer to saving dogs and becoming a social media sensation. He intended to journey across the country in September 2017 with his dogs and any rescue animals he came across. This marked the beginning of his dog rescue career. In order to make this task easier, he purchased a unique van that people kindly refer to as “The Asher House.”

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Among Lee’s greatest creations is his YouTube channel, “The Asher House,” which has a large global following. He discusses his daily activities, travels, and the touching tales of the dogs he has saved in his videos. Many people have been inspired to take action by Lee’s YouTube videos, which have increased awareness of the value of animal protection.

In addition to being well-known for his online presence, Lee Asher has appeared on television, hosting “My Pack Life: With Lee Asher” on Animal Planet. His message of compassion and animal care has been able to reach a greater number of people thanks to this platform.

Net Worth

Lee Asher’s net worth is a result of his numerous accomplishments at work and the impact he has had on animal welfare and social media. As of 2024, his impressive net worth is estimated to be $3 million. This figure comprises his assets, income from various sources, and name value.

Lee Asher’s Social Media Presence

Lee Asher has a sizable social media following, which demonstrates his ability to engage with a wide audience and inspire them to make sensible changes.

His YouTube channel, “The Asher House,” has 306,000 subscribers, and his Instagram account, “The Asher House,” has over 992,000 followers. Lee is still using these platforms to advocate for animal rights and to share the heartwarming tales of the dogs he saves.

Interesting Facts about Lee Asher

  • Everyone should be aware of these enlightening details about Lee Asher;
  • In 2017, Lee Asher began to rescue dogs. Since then, he has transformed the lives of over thirty dogs by giving them a second shot at happiness.
  • More than just a traveling dog home, “The Asher House” is a beacon of hope and kindness that travels the US.
  • Asher spends over $8,000 a month on dog rescue due to his commitment to the cause.
  • Lee Asher is not limited to training animals for commercial use. In addition, he is an entrepreneur who founded a company to benefit animals.
  • His tattoos are proof of his deep love and concern for canines.
  • Lee Asher’s wealth demonstrates his acumen as a businessman and his ability to strike a balance between his passion for animal welfare and his commercial interests.
  • His high level of social media activity enables him to connect with a large audience and inspire others to take action on behalf of animals.
  • Lee Asher is a true force for good, admired and valued by animal lovers everywhere for his work.


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