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sam altman age

Sam Altman is an amazing individual who has accomplished amazing feats in the field of technology. He is an American programmer, investor, and entrepreneur. This indicates that he is capable of creating and realizing ambitious ideas. Sam even held the positions of president and CEO of Y Combinator, an organization that assists start-ups in business, and OpenAI. 

Furthermore, he was a co-founder of Loopt and Worldcoin, two additional businesses. Sam is a brilliant investor who has made stakes in some of the largest companies globally, including Reddit, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Zenefits. That’s awesome. To find out more about Sam Altman’s age, height, weight, relationships, and family, continue reading his Wikipedia entry.


Real NameSam Altman
Famous forCEO of Open AI
Date of BirthApril 22, 1985
Age38 years as of 2024
Net Worth$2 Billion as of 2024
sam altman age
Sam Altman: Who is he?

Sam Altman: Who is he?

Sam Altman is an incredible man with many accomplishments in the field of technology. April 22, 1985, saw his birth in Chicago, and he grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Sam is intelligent and has always had a fascination with computers. He began programming when he was eight years old, when his mother, Connie Gibstine, gave him a computer. 

Sam and his brother Jack were raised by their mother. As an investor and businessman, Sam is skilled at bringing ambitious concepts to life. He even started businesses like Worldcoin and OpenAI. Sam left Stanford University early to follow his aspirations in technology. Sam has a 500 million dollar net worth, so he’s someone to know!

Childhood and Schooling

Sam Altman’s upbringing and schooling were fascinating. After completing his education at John Burroughs School, he was granted admission to Stanford University to pursue a computer science degree. However, what’s the deal? In 2005, he made the decision to leave. That implies he dropped out of college!

Don’t worry, he went on to become one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the world despite dropping out. It only strengthened his resolve to pursue his technological goals. Thus, if you work hard and have confidence in yourself, you can still accomplish great things even if you do not complete college. Altman is a living example of it!

Sam Altman’s Family

Sam Altman’s family is amazing! His wonderful mother, Connie Gibstine, reared him. He has a brother, Jack. Growing up together, Sam and Jack enjoyed many good times and shared a passion for computers. At the age of eight, their mother gifted Sam his first computer as a sign of her unwavering support. 

How fantastic is that? Sam’s mother and brother have always played a significant role in his life and have supported him throughout his rise to success as an investor and businessman. Sam is fortunate to have a loving and supportive family, as family is extremely important. It’s understandable why he’s accomplished so much having his wonderful family by his side!

Sam Altman, a spouse and friend

Sam Altman and Oliver Mulherin have a happy marriage. They support each other in their respective careers and have a loving relationship. Oliver shares Sam’s enthusiasm for innovation and works in the tech sector. The couple likes to explore new ideas and spend quality time together. Sam Altman and his wife are a fantastic team and a vital part of his life. 

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They also encourage and inspire one another to accomplish their goals when they are together. It’s lovely to see how success in both personal and professional spheres can be attributed to love and partnership. Oliver Mulherin, Altman’s wife, is a true partner in his quest to use technology to improve the world.

how tall is Sam Altman

Sam Altman is a 38-year-old man who is 180 centimeters (5 feet 11 inches) tall. He is about seventy-two kilograms (159 pounds). Sam has striking blue eyes and black hair. His attractive demeanor enhances his endearing nature. Sam Altman’s remarkable accomplishments and contributions to the field of technology are detailed in his bio. 

More importantly, he still maintains his relatability and humility in the face of success. Sam’s physical attributes—his age, height, weight, and appearance—makeup very little of who he is. He is exceptional due to his tenacity, wit, and enthusiasm for innovation. Many are inspired by Sam Altman’s achievements, which demonstrate that anyone can make a big difference in the world if they work hard and are dedicated to it.


Sam Altman had a natural curiosity and knack for solving problems even at a young age. At the age of 19, he and Nick Sivo co-founded Loopt, a location-based social networking mobile application, while he was a Stanford University computer science student. However, Loopt needed more traction and was eventually shut down in 2012 despite raising nearly $30 million in venture capital. 

Sam Altman, though, continued to follow his love of technology. He became a part-time partner at the US startup accelerator Y Combinator in 2011. Altman moved up the ranks fast thanks to his diligence and in-depth knowledge of startups, and in 2014 he was appointed president of Y Combinator.

Y Combinator prospered and made innovative company investments under Altman’s direction. In a blog post from 2014, Altman disclosed that the combined valuation of all businesses backed by Y Combinator exceeded $65 billion. At the time, Y Combinator had funded some of the most well-known businesses, including Stripe, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Zenefits.

Furthermore, Altman strengthened his position when he was appointed president of YC Group, which is the parent company of Y Combinator and all of its subsidiaries, in September 2014. Altman has established himself as a significant player in the technology industry over the course of his career by consistently spotting and backing the following innovative concepts and business owners.

From OPEN AI’s President to Chairman

Sam Altman is an amazing investor and businessman. His age is 38. He weighs roughly 72 kilograms (or 159 pounds) and is 180 centimeters (5 feet 11 inches) tall. Sam has striking blue eyes and black hair, giving him an alluring physical appearance.

In terms of partnerships, Oliver Mulherin and Sam Altman are blissfully wed. In both their personal and professional lives—they are in a loving and encouraging partnership—in the tech sector. Together, they encourage and inspire one another to accomplish their objectives.

In addition, according to his biography, Sam Altman has had extraordinary success in the technology industry. He was always interested in computers and started learning to program at the age of eight. Despite leaving Stanford University, he went on to co-found businesses that had a big impact on the market, like Worldcoin and OpenAI.

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Sam Altman’s mother, Connie Gibstine, has been a pillar of support throughout his journey, and his family has been extremely important to him. He shares his enthusiasm for computers with his brother Jack. Sam has inspired others and achieved success because of his tenacity, wit, and loving family.

An Additional Project: Worldcoin

Sam Altman’s career took off like a rocket after he left Stanford University. At the tender age of 19, he co-founded the location-based social networking mobile app Loopt. Even though Loopt finally closed its doors in 2012, Altman’s journey was far from over. He began working at the well-known startup accelerator Y Combinator in 2011 and advanced swiftly to become president in 2014. 

Y Combinator rose to prominence in the tech sector under Altman’s direction by funding ground-breaking businesses like Airbnb, Dropbox, Zenefits, and Stripe. 2014 saw Altman promoted to president of YC Group, Y Combinator’s parent company. Altman didn’t stop there, though. He was one of the founders of the artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI in 2015, and he led it as CEO until 2021 when he became chairman. 

Furthermore, Altman and Alex Blania collaborated to co-found Worldcoin in 2020, an initiative aimed at developing a global digital identity and financial public utility. Throughout his career, Altman has demonstrated creativity, leadership, and a drive to push the limits of technology. He has a sharp mind and is instrumental in determining the direction of the tech sector.

What is Sam Altman’s worth?

Sam Altman has a $2 billion fortune. 

Sam Altman’s state of mind

Sam Altman has a forward-thinking attitude, constantly considering what will have the biggest influence on humanity. In addition, he uses his extensive knowledge of business and technology as an investor, entrepreneur, and programmer to pinpoint the most important areas for expansion. Additionally, Altman demonstrates his belief in the ability of technological advancements to shape the future by investing in nuclear energy companies such as Helion and Oklo. 

In addition, his way of thinking is centered on finding solutions for the greatest problems that humanity has ever faced, whether they arise now or in the future. Also, Altman stands out as a remarkable technological figure due to his ability to recognize and address these issues. Altman is pushing boundaries and fostering innovation to build a better future for all of us with his unwavering determination and sharp foresight.

Hobbies of Sam Altman

  1. Sam Altman enjoys engaging in hobbies when he’s not working as a tech genius.
  2. Reading is one of his favorite pastimes. 
  3. He likes to read books about a variety of subjects, including biographies and science fiction. 
  4. Sam likes to play chess as a pastime as well. 
  5. He also enjoys the game’s strategy and challenge. 
  6. Sam enjoys staying active as well, going for runs or taking part in outdoor pursuits like hiking. 
  7. He likes to play the piano as a way to unwind. 
  8. Through these pastimes, Sam can relax, discover new interests, and take a break from his hectic work schedule.

Interesting Sam Altman Facts

  • After Reddit CEO Yishan Wong resigned in 2014, Sam Altman led the company for eight days.
  • He dropped out of Stanford before completing his degree, making him a dropout.
  • For lengthy trips, Sam Altman would rather use Uber than his own vehicle.
  • Sam Altman’s early interest in technology was evident when he began learning basic programming at the age of eight.
  • These fascinating details accentuate certain distinctive facets of Sam Altman’s life and career while also enhancing his bio.


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