The forecast indicates possible severe storms for the Chicago area on Tuesday evening.

severe storms for the Chicago area

Chicago Weather Update: Severe Storm Alert with Large Hail Predicted

Chicago, IL (WLS) – Chicago residents should brace for potentially severe storms on Tuesday evening, warns Chicago Reporter Accuweather. These storms, expected to hit the Chicago area, may bring large hail, posing a significant weather threat.

Morning Calm, Evening Turmoil: Chicago’s Weather Shifts Meteorologist Tracy Butler from Chreporter Accuweather forecasts a calm start to Tuesday, with dry conditions prevailing during the morning and afternoon. However, the weather is set to take a dramatic turn post-sunset, as storms are predicted to roll in.

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Severe Weather Risks: Northern and Western Chicago on Alert The Storm Prediction Center has placed northern and western Chicago under a Level 3 severe weather risk. Chreporter’s Meteorologist Larry Mowry cautions that areas in this risk zone could experience hail up to two inches in diameter.

Supercell Thunderstorms: A Potent Threat Post 6 P.M. Mowry highlights the possibility of supercell thunderstorms after 6 p.m., affecting parts of the area. While these storms may not impact everyone, they bring with them the risk of large hail, strong winds, and an isolated tornado threat.

Rapid Weather Changes: From Warmth to Storms Tuesday is expected to be exceptionally warm, with temperatures potentially surpassing the 75-degree February record. However, this warmth will be short-lived as fast-moving storms, forecasted to last until 10 p.m., bring a dramatic temperature drop.

Post-Storm Forecast: A Chilly Wake-Up Call Following the storm, Wednesday morning is set to see a significant drop in temperature, with wind chills possibly hitting single digits. Commuters should be prepared for potential snowy and icy conditions.

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Residents Savor Warm Weather Before the Storm In Glencoe, locals are enjoying Tuesday’s warm temperatures, reminiscent of spring. The North Shore sees residents embracing the warmth, with some even taking a dip in Lake Michigan. The sunny, pleasant weather is a delight for many, like Melissa Field, who relishes the rare sunny days in winter.

Local Businesses Thrive in Warm Weather Businesses like Hometown Coffee and Juice in Glencoe are making the most of the weather, serving customers outdoors. Owner Lou Lubin notes the positive impact on business, while residents like Alex Nellessen enjoy outdoor dining.

Bracing for Weather Whiplash As Chicagoans enjoy the current warmth, they are simultaneously preparing for the impending cold. Wednesday’s forecast includes single-digit wind chills and the possibility of a dramatic weather shift, including storms and strong winds.

Despite the severe weather warnings, some locals, like Sandy Lyons, remain optimistic, hoping for continued warm weather and dismissing the predicted hail.

Stay Alert: Severe Weather on the Horizon Residents are advised to stay informed and prepared as Chicago faces a significant shift in weather, transitioning rapidly from unseasonably warm temperatures to severe storm conditions.


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