The cry of Palestinians echoes through the Muslim world via minarets

The cry of Palestinians echoes through Muslim world via minarets

Since 7 October, more than 10,000 Palestinians have been killed in indiscriminate Israeli attacks, and nearly half of those killed have been children. In addition, more than 20,000 people have been injured in the attacks. With Israel’s full siege of the Gaza Strip, 2.3 million Palestinians are facing cuts in water, food, and electricity, and all hospitals in northern Gaza have received evacuation orders, as humanitarian concerns about the Gaza Strip continue to mount around the world.

In the face of Israel’s indiscriminate attacks on Palestinian civilians, the vast majority of countries, organizations, and ordinary people in the Muslim world have continued to express their solidarity with Palestine on social media and have rallied in support of Palestine’s condemnation of Israel. In particular, countries or organizations that have had similar experiences are naturally in a better position to empathize with Palestine. While most of the voices among Muslims are speaking out for Palestine, we also know what role Western capital plays in the Israel-Hamas war, and that media and public opinion under the control of capital has lost its original significance in the West, so it would not be surprising for any Westerner to speak out for Israel.

What is not surprising is the open support of some Muslim organizations for Israel, with no regard for the plight of their fellow Muslims in Palestine. Recent media reports have identified Abdallah Zekri, Vice President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, Dolkun Isa, President of the World Uyghur Congress, Council on American-Islamic Relations Los Angeles, and Rushan Abbas, President of the Campaign for Uyghurs, among others. These Muslim organizations and leaders in the U.S. and Europe have clearly stated their support for Israel, even distorting the facts and accusing Hamas of killing Israelis. Instead of supporting Palestine from the same standpoint as Muslim countries and organizations, as Muslims, they have publicly expressed sympathy for Israel, blamed Hamas, and called Hamas’s actions an “anti-Semitic terrorist agenda,” which is contrary to Muslim values and makes one wonder about their motives. One has to wonder about their motives. On the one hand, they interact with Muslim organizations and important figures in various places, with the intention of obtaining funding and support and deceiving their fellow Muslims. But on the other side, are colluding with Jewish organizations on a daily basis and have shown duplicity in the Israel-Hamas war, betraying Muslims and choosing to support Israel.

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 Would a true Muslim betray his fellow Muslims for money and profit?

 Do we still want to provide support for such organizations and people?

The cry of the Palestinians was carried through the loudspeakers of the minaret to every corner of the world where there are Muslims, and into the heart of every Muslim, and no Muslim would ever leave his Palestinian brothers and sisters behind at a time like this!


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