Todd and Julie Chrisley reached a one-million-dollar settlement with Georgia regarding the tax evasion probe.

Todd and Julie Chrisley

The Chrisleys sued Joshua Waites in 2019 with claims that they had been unfairly targeted in their tax evasion charge.

The lawsuit claimed that Waites focused his efforts on the family and targeted Todd Chrisley’s estranged daughter Lindise, going so far as to allegedly share the couple’s confidential tax information with them.

In 2019, the Chrisleys filed a lawsuit against Joshua Waites, alleging that they were unjustly singled out in their tax evasion case.

The legal action accused Waites of concentrating his attention on the family and specifically targeting Todd Chrisley’s estranged daughter Lindsie, purportedly even going to the extent of sharing the couple’s private tax information with them.

“Ultimately, Waites’s attempts were unsuccessful, but as a result, the Chrisleys endured significant personal and financial difficulties,” wrote Michael J. Bowers, the reality stars’ previous lawyer, in the lawsuit.

The Chrisleys’ current attorney conveyed to People that the settlement represents “a positive indication” in their federal legal matter.

Although Todd and Julie Chrisley resolved their dispute with the Georgia Department of Revenue for approximately $150,000, they were convicted in 2022 of tax evasion and swindling community banks of over $30 million through fraudulent loans in a federal court case.

Prosecutors asserted that the couple failed to fulfill their obligation to repay the loans after Todd Chrisley declared bankruptcy. During the bankruptcy, they launched their reality TV series and “displayed their affluence and lifestyle to the American audience,” as stated by the prosecutors. Furthermore, they concealed the millions earned from the show from the IRS. Julie Chrisley was additionally found guilty of wire fraud and obstructing justice.

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The Chrisleys rose to prominence with their series “Chrisley Knows Best,” showcasing their close-knit family on the USA Network. The couple expended millions on high-end designer clothes, luxury vehicles, and property, including two estates in Nashville, Tennessee, with an estimated value of around $9 million.

A judge in the U.S. District Court of Atlanta sentenced Todd Chrisley to a 12-year prison term, and Julie Chrisley to a seven-year term. Following their incarceration, they are each mandated to undergo three years of supervised release.

Beyond their prison sentences, the couple is required to promptly pay over $17 million in restitution to the banks from which they defrauded millions, as per the sentencing documents.

Peter Tarantino, an accountant employed by the couple, was convicted of defrauding the United States and knowingly submitting false tax returns. He is sentenced to a three-year prison term.


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